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About Us



Investuni is created in order to help you to nurture your financial skills and education. In addition, investuni will some share market insight and updates.

We know that are many who spend excessively without knowing how to save and invest for their future. Their life are depending only on their monthly salary and have a little knowledge on how to expand their financial power in the future. It is known that lack in financial education in our education system resulting many people lacks of skills and knowledge to manage personal finance successfully.

Hence, by using detailed journalistic study as well as simple writing format, investuni use our time and resources to help educating you to gain your financial security. The main ways of investuni help you nurturing your financial education are by using:

  1. Comprehensive article

The investuni website will explore and explain financial options for anyone to read and build up their portfolio. Each article will be updated as frequently as possible by using the feedback provided by our reader and whenever investuni receive new or additional information

  1. Providing references and source

Investuni will provide references and citation sources for your further study and research to help build your financial knowledge. The references and source citations are provided in the article or at the bottom of each post.

  1. Market insight and update

Investuni will provide some market insight and updates to give overview of our economy globally and locally. Our insight will highlight some of big news or overview of the economy condition or analysis of company in the stock market for you to gain extra information.

  1. Sharing Excellent articles from other websites

Sure Investuni could not write all the articles ourselves because of our resources and time limitation. Thus, sharing excellent articles from other websites is one our method to help you to nurture your financial education

Investuni is started by Nabil and his team to reach out more people and to give them an access to free financial education. For any feedback or if you are interested to join force to help educate our fellow novice to start leaning about financial education you can contact us on admin@investuni.com

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